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Thank you for visiting our webpage!

Welcome on the byRosie's site, this is Hungary's first artificial flower rental.


Our bouquets have premium quality, made by lifelike artificial flowers, every one of them are uniqe and special.

We recommend them to restaurants, beauty salons, health centers, receptions and

a lot more.

Our goals to make a cheerful atmosphere with our special decorations for your customers and business partners.
This will make your businesses more successful.


How it's work?


Ask a free trial for a week

Choose the best sizes and quantities for your business

There is nothing left to do, 

just relax and enjoy the service



Guaranteed quality

our bouquets have high quality, require small outlay and they are very attractive

Fresh and unique vision

always looking fresh

all of them are special and unique

Allergy free

no pollens or perfumes

Mess Free

no droop, no bugs or flies

no damaging to the environment

Water free 

no spills, no maintenance

You don't need to do anything

Rosie deliver it to your place,

change the old to the new one and

there is no secret fees or settled time contracts


Info & Prices


Our bouquets are made by artificial flowers, steady, water looking material in glass. The compositions are fixed into the vase, not changeable, they are following the latest trend and design.


We are automatically changing the bouquets in four weeks period.


Small: max. 55 cm

Medium: max. 80 cm

Large: over 80 cm



Small bouquet:

1990 Ft/week

Medium bouquet:

2990 Ft/week


Large bouquet:

3990 Ft/week



Fanni Rosenberger

General manager



Marcell Bús